Le vieil homme et les mouettes - Rémi Courgeon and Rozenn Brécard – Seuil Jeunesse


In this book, the author, Remi Courgeon, shares a childhood memory about the young boy he was and Martin Lechanteur, a strange old man who was followed by seagulls while cockle fishing on the beach. How did he do it? What was his secret? What is his story? Who was this man? Now an adult, the author had been unable to answer these questions until a new acquaintance unveiled everything.

The writing is authentic, and the illustrations are beautiful and atmospheric. Every page offers a sensitive retrospective that transports you to Mont Saint-Michel coast, immersing you in the scent of saltwater, tides, and omelets.


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Archibald et ses chatons - Gaëlle Duhazé - HongFei cultures


This hilarious and amusing picture book will melt your heart. Archibald McToutou is a proud watchdog, top of his class in barking at people. One morning, Archibald finds a very intriguing box full of... the cutest gang of kitties. What should he do? Ignore it? Rescue them? Of course, who can resist a cute kitty's gaze? Certainly not Archibald. It is decided; Archibald will adopt and raise them all, and even create a choir.

Archibald et ses chatons is a feel-good story with funny and colorful pictures. Moreover, it's a story about friendship, demonstrating that our differences can bring us closer to each other.

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Mon bébé - Georgette - Flammarion Jeunesse


In this album, Georgette lists different parts of the baby's body while talking directly to them: 'Here are your eyes, here is your nose...'

We greatly appreciated the inclusion of a multitude of babies, representing maximum diversity on each page. The drawings are pure and simple, creating the greatest expressive effect and ensuring understanding for the viewer. The warm and vibrant colors further enhance the experience.

This delightful board book is perfect for toddlers, with its incredibly cute approach to describing the body.

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