Education Programme

Education Programme

Access to education is one of the essential missions of the French Institute in the UK with up to 10,000 visiting pupils from 153 schools hosted every year. Located in South Kensington, London, the Institute has built long lasting relationships with schools from the neighbouring communities and is regularly welcoming schools located in the less favoured boroughs of London.

The French Institute in the UK also supervises a nationwide educational network comprising a French Institute in Edinburgh, 11 Alliances françaises throughout the UK, 15 accredited French schools, 3 British schools teaching partly in French and 55 associations supporting the French language.

The priority of the French Institute is to offer bespoke programmes for young audiences with a specific attention towards harder-to-reach audiences, students from communities and children with special access needs and disabilities.

Please contact our team if you are willing to support and know more about our programmes.

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