Language Centre Project

Language Centre Project

With 85 native French language teachers and 7000 students every year, the Language Centre is a key asset for the French Intistute’s educational strategy.

The Language Centre guarantees financial independence to the French Institute which is 77% self-financed in 2020 (85% before the Covid crisis).

As a non-for-profit organisation, the French Institute reinvests entirely its annual income into the arts & culture programme dedicated to all audiences, with a specific attention to hard-to-reach groups. The sustainability of the Language Centre is therefore a key and strategic matter for the institution.

Growing competition from language learning apps, learning online platforms and MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) marks a turning point in the history of the Language Centre. We’re consequently launching a major project to reshape entirely the learning experience of our students online and onsite and adapt our offer to new expectations and habits informed by the digital revolution & constant innovation.

Showcasing French savoir-faire, the renovation will create onsite modular classrooms, increase functionality, comfort and use of technology. It will provide safety and accessibility for disabled staff and students, as well as minimize the environmental impact of the building.

We’re currently looking for long-term partners to accompany and support us in this ambitious project.

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