French Institute Trust

French Institute Trust

Founded in 1998, the French Institute Trust is supporting the French Institute in the UK in promoting French language, education and culture. The board of trustees, currently composed of 12 members and 1 trustee ex-officio, provides the Institute with the benefit of its expertise and insights in the implementation of long lasting projects which are key to the institution development.

Since its creation the Trust has supported several key investment projects such as the renovation of Ciné Lumière I and the creation of Ciné Lumière II. It has also been a major actor in the renovation of La Médiathèque, both the Adult’s Library and the Bibliothèque Quentin Blake, as well as in the launch of a digital library, Culturethèque. Additionally, the Trust brought its support to restore the Institute’ Steinway Grand piano and 1907 Pleyel piano and to renovate the reception rooms, called Les Salons which now accommodate concerts, talks and exhibitions.

The Trust is currently backing the French Institute to bring two major projects to life: Connexion and the Language Centre Project.

Board members:

Sylvie Bressler
Vincent Gombault
Thierry Groell
Sir John Holmes
Xavier Mayer
Marc Mourre
Edward Reed
Claudine Ripert-Landler
Sir John Scarlett
Diane Segalen
Benoît Verbrugghe
Trustee ex-officio: Bertrand Buchwalter, Cultural Counsellor to the French Embassy in the UK, Director of the French Institute in the UK