Patrons’ Circle

Patrons’ Circle

The Patrons’ Circle is an active group of Patrons who generously support the annual cultural programme of the French Institute.

The support of the Patrons’ Circle contributes to the diversity and excellence of our artistic and educational initiatives and helps us complete our mission in promoting French culture through the development of music, performing arts, education, dance, cinema, as well as literature.

Each year, the Patrons’ Circle chooses to support several key projects via the annual Gift Aid gathered thanks to their contributions.

Member of the Patrons’ Circle:

Esther & Michel Antakly 
Vanessa Aubry
Martine & Frédéric Banzet
Bruno & Benoit Bertrand-Delfau
Sylvie Bressler
Olivier Decannière
Marie & Charles de Croisset
Jean-Michel Doublet
Isabelle Ealet
Vincent Gombault
Virginie & Emmanuel Guéroult
Cécile & Hervé Hatt
Francis Lang
Charles Lorenceau
Elisabeth & Bertrand Meunier
Bertrand Michaud
Hortense de Mitry
Marc Mourre
Bernard Oppetit & Olga Jegunova
Aurélie & Julien Riant
Michel Péretié
Franck Petitgas
Alexandra & Daniel Pinto
Gwenda, Lady Scarlett & Sir John Scarlett
Diane Segalen 
Sabrina & Ingmar Vallano
Benoît Verbrugghe