Diana Toucedo’s Short Letters

Wed 27 Sep
Festivals & Series

In 2019 we welcomed Diana Toucedo to present her beautifully composed first feature film Trinta Lumes. We are now delighted to present this selection of shorts directed by the talented filmmaker and editor that can be read as a series of letters.


The programme of shorts will be introduced by filmmaker and Galician Film Forum representative Adriana Paramo



Tatuado nos ollos levamos o pouso (Tatuado en los ojos llevamos el regusto /Tattooed on Our Eyes We Carry the Aftertaste)

ESP | 2022 | animation | 25 mins | in Galician with EN subs

Every time the tide lowers, the shellfish gatherers of a town in the south of Galicia work hard to upkeep the threshold that separates the sea and the sand. We see feelings and a collective consciousness emerge and develop from their bodies, actions, and words – a symbiosis of elements.


Preskano (Demasiado tarde/Too Late)

ESP | 2021 | doc | 8 mins | in Spanish with EN subs

Part of “The Letters that Were’nt and Also Are” project, initiated by Garbiñe Ortega, Artistic Director of the film festival Punto de Vista in Navarra, Prekasno is a letter from editor to editor, a letter from Diana Toucedo to editor Danièlle Huillet.



ESP | 2021 | doc | 9 mins | in English

At either side of the border the land is identical. When there is no physical barrier, it is often difficult for us to imagine one. What do borders separate? Is it possible that, in the future, when “border” is mentioned we will think about a space where things are connected? This work was commissioned by the Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona.


Homes (Hombres/Men)

ESP | 2016 | Found footage | 10 mins | in Galician with EN subs

The acts of men during their lifetimes forge our History. But at what point in our lifetime do we lose our own stories? Many women who wait at home, in their kitchens, for their men to return – for a missing son, a father… – have an open wound that has never quite healed. Suspended in time, their hearts go on beating as they wait tirelessly. It is death or them.


Imagenes secretas (Secret Images)

ESP | 2013 | doc | 18 mins | with EN subs

Toucedo addresses this film to her father, a boat captain who spent his life away from home, fishing and navigating around the world and whom she felt had a mysterious life beyond de two months a year he spent at home.