Dos dies I l’eternitat

Sun 24 Sep
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Marc Esquirol’s debut feature film is a fresh approach to the lives, desires and aspirations of a very young generarion. A member of that generation himself and a graduate of ESCAC (film and audiovisual school of catalonia), Esquirol follows Marc, a student aspiring to become a filmmaker, on a two-day trip to West South of France with his friend Laia in an effort to overcome a heartbreak and looking for new experiences. Esquirol’s playful style is beautiful and unpretentious with winks to the Nouvelle Vague’s road movies.


As part of the London Spanish Film Festival


Preceded by the short Si mai no ens haguéssim separat

About the short film

dir. Marc Esquirol, with Sandra Cruz Bardina, Gerard Casas | ESP | 2023 | 14 mins | cert. 15 | in Catalan with EN subs

Manel and Judit decided to break up three months ago. They meet for one last weekend together in a ski resort. A sensitive and subtle exploration of miscommunication and dependency in a young couple.