Hard decisions

Sun 28 Apr
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This selection of shorts, animation and documentary looks at all the ways in which choices and decisions are thrust upon us, and the almost psychedelic and euphoric experience this conflict can induce. Changing one’s life in any kind of drastic way is a nauseating prospect for most, but upheaval can allow us to grow, rebel, and reconsider what is important to us.


Screenings followed by a Q&A session with some of the directors

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In The Name of The Father

Dir. Vladimir Dembinski, Romania, Fiction, 28 mins, age rating 15

Forced to decide between her mother and father, a young woman spirals into frenzy after she sees her dead mother walking around the local market. She is pushed to make a drastic decision that turns her life upside-down.


Nun or Never!

Dir. Heta Jäälinoja, Finland, Animation, 9 mins, age rating 12

We follow a nun as she tends to her garden…. and all the temptations that might lie there. Faith and temptation combine in this lush and exuberant animation.


Where Do We Go?

Dir. Barbara Lervig, Fore Island, Fiction, 14 mins, age rating 15

A mother takes a trip she will not return from on the anniversary of her son’s fatal accident. A surprise encounter with a mysterious woman she meets along her travels forces her to choose between life and death.


Miru Falls in Love

Dir. Ieva Norvele, Latvia, Fiction ,15 mins, age rating 15

Theatre assistant Miru is on the verge of breaking through, or breaking down, as she prepares for a career defining show. Work and life overlap in uncomfortable and inappropriate ways for Miru, leaving her to decide if the career she has worked so hard for is ultimately worth it.



Dir.s David Doutel & Vasco Sá, Portugal, Animation, 23 mins, age rating 12

When a young boy comes across a man who is about to set the forest on fire, the line between personal choice and coercion is drawn.



Dir. Morgane Frund, Switzerland, Documentary, 20 mins, age rating 18

A keen bear watcher tasks a young student to digitize the years of video footage he has taken of his beloved bears, and the natural landscapes in which they live. What the student finds amongst the footage leaves her with a difficult ethical dilemma. The film asks us if compassion and anger can coexist. And who, ultimately, are filmmakers beholden to?