People on the Precipice

Sat 27 Apr
Festivals & Series

This collection of narrative and documentary short films turns its eyes onto precipices, edges and boundaries and the outliers who live beyond them. The films in this programme explore the ways in which our political realities determine what kind of outsider we are.


Screenings followed by a Q&A session with some of the directors


Everything Ahead

Dir Mate Ugrin, Croatia, Fiction, 24 mins, age rating 12

After moving to an isolated island to be a caretaker for an elderly woman, Branka decides to stay on the island for the summer season to work in the island’s tourism trade.


The Red Suitcase

Dir Cyrus Neshvad, Luxembourg, Fiction, 18 mins, age rating: 12

A young girl arrives through customs, unable to speak the language, far away from her home, with only moments to decide to take her fate into her own hands.


Dead Marriage

Dir Michał Toczek, Poland, Fiction, 18 mins, age rating 12

Isolation and connection collide in this short which follows two unlikely outsiders. After two extras who play corpses on film sets connect during a scene, a tender relationship forms as more is revealed between them.


A Piece of Liberty

Dir Antigoni Kapaka, Greece, Fiction, 14 mins, age rating 12

Two icons of isolation, borders, and boundaries meet in this mischievous silent short


That’s How the Summer Ended

Dir Matjaž Ivanišin, Slovenia, Fiction, 12 mins, age rating 12

A man and a woman go down to the water. Motorways sit next to sparse fields; barren suburban landscapes stretch out beyond the horizon. Overhead we see preparations for an air show taking place in the sky.


Chornobyl 22

dir. Oleksiy Radynski, Ukraine, 2022, Documentary, 21 mins, Age Rating 12

During the Russian occupation of the Chornobyl Zone in early 2022, a local informant is clandestinely filming the Russian troops. The workers of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station discuss their experiences during the Russian military takeover of their facility – an act of nuclear terror which threatened another global disaster at this site. Past and present catastrophic scenarios intertwine in this episode of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This film has been developed as part of The Reckoning Project, a media and forensic effort aimed at investigating the Russian war crimes in Ukraine.