Sun 28 Apr
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This collection of narrative shorts explores the intersection between drama and psychology with fresh visual language and pertinent ideas. Trauma, one of the key driving forces of cinema since its inception, continues to pervade our personal and cultural landscapes. Whether thrust upon us unwillingly or confronted with sincerity. However, its meaning becomes more indecipherable and flattened the more it’s used. In order for us to define this important idea for our modern age we need again to turn to cinema to confront our assumptions about trauma and how it lives in our imaginations.


Screenings followed by a Q&A session with some of the directors


Liquid Bread

Dir Alica Bednáriková, Slovakia, Fiction, 26 mins, age rating 15

In this tragicomedy, tranquility and monotony are broken when rebellious granddaughter Zoja unexpectedly returns home.


Baby Steps

Dir Hannah Mamali, Ireland, Fiction, Comedy, 11 mins, age rating 15

Em is 7-months pregnant and feels no connection to the baby inside her. She tries to follow the instructions of an outdated tape called How to Connect with your Unborn Child – chaos ensues.



Dir.s Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak, Estonia, Animation ,15.19 mins, age rating 18

A grieving wife turns from resigned to guilty as a shameful truth is revealed in this beautifully realized silent animation.


Le Mobilier

Dir Mehdi Pierret, Belgium, Fiction, Comedy, 15 min, age rating 15

A group of actors prepare to perform as furniture in an art exhibition. Watched over by a cleaner whose confusion over the scenes she is witnessing reaches an amusing fever pitch. Played with deadpan humour and a deft lightheartedness.


Techno, Mama

Dir Saulius Baradinskas, Lithuania, Fiction, 18 mins, age rating 18

Escapism is the only respite from a difficult home life for Nikita who keeps his secret love of techno and dream of going to the famous nightclub Bergheim from his domineering mother Irena.


The Möbius Trip

Dir Simone Smith, Scotland, Fiction, 17 mins, age rating 15

Trauma is given a shape, as a family drive to a wedding seems to go on in a never-ending loop. Familial resentment and psychedelics intertwine with exhilarating impact.