Smile You’re on Camera

Fri 26 Apr
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Smile You’re on Camera is a collection of documentaries, science fiction and animation shorts. The workspace has become one of the most surveilled areas of human life, in the office with CCTV and at home with Zoom and social media. These bold films look at the ways in which tech and labour intersect and diverge, and ask us to consider how we feel about tech in our working lives, the sacrifices it asks of us, and the possibilities it promises.


Screening will be followed by a reception open to the public from 8pm




Dir.s Johannes Büttner & Steffen Köhn, Germany, documentary, 16 mins, age rating 15

Based on real interviews with gig workers and freelancers online, utilizing Snow Crash, the 1992 Cyberpunk Classic that has become a Silicon Valley bible.



Dir Fabrizio Ellul, Malta, Animation, 7 mins, age rating PG

Earth has fallen. Vincent, a researcher who spends his days in a space station that orbits earth, observes those who have sought refuge on the ship and volunteered their memories in hopes of finding new planets to inhabit. An unexpected detour reunites Vincent with a sentimental item. 


I am Not A Robot

Dir Victoria Warmerdam, Netherlands, 23 mins, age rating 15

Algorithms merge with work in a queasy frenzy in I Am Not A Robot, wherein a young woman is forced by CAPTCHA to reconsider everything she thought was real.



Dir Pablo Polledri, Spain, Animation, 8 mins, age rating PG

This animation presents a mesmerizing circuit of never-ending automation and activity, all kept working like clockwork by an all-seeing eye. The film asks us to question the purpose of surveillance in our lives, and the ways in which we contribute to its continuing presence.


Hardly Working

Dir Total Refusal, Austria, Documentary, 20 mins, age rating 12A

A Sisyphean tale of NPC’s (Non-Playable characters) in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2 who dare to glitch.