Sweet Thieves

Sat 10 Feb
Festivals & Series

During the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, a crew of American filmmakers has their equipment stolen. Instead of selling the paraphernalia, the thieves decide to make a film about the 1789 revolution known as Inconfidência Mineira, a separatist conspiracy repressed by the Portuguese Crown. The community adheres to the idea with the spirit of preparing for a samba school parade.

As in Carnival, the favela’s inhabitants play the 18th-century colonial elite, and with a great deal of creativity and trickery, they demonstrate their organisation and social mobilisation capacity, carnavalising history while re-telling it on their own terms. Coni Campos’s most famous film is a celebration of both guerrilla-cinema and jeitinho brasileiro (the resourceful Brazilian way of doing things).

Combined ticket: Journey to the End of the World and Sweet Thieves: £20
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Screening introduced by Natalia Sobrino Christofoletti Barrenha, Programme Curator at the Embassy of Brazil in London