The Builders of the Alhambra

From Fri 22 to Sat 23 Sep
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When Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada, realises that his kingdom is doomed to disappear under the pressure from neighbouring kingdoms, he imagines a building that will reflect all the splendour of his civilisation and defy oblivion: the Alhambra palaces. Ibn al-Khatib, his vizier will be in charge of making this dream a reality. Isabel Fernández’s film follows the architect, poet, writer, historian, physician and politician al -Khatib in the conception of this masterpiece, the intrigues in 14th century Granada and the exceptional wisdom and craft put into these buildings.


UK Premiere as part of the London Spanish Film Festival



Special screenings

The screening on 22 Sept will be preceded by an introduction and followed by a Q&A with director Isabel Fernández, the screening on 23 Sept will be followed by a Q&A with the director and Mariam Rosser-Owen, Curator in charge of the Arab World at the V&A