The Mother of All Lies

Thu 20 Jun
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Asmae El Moudir wants to know why she only has one photograph from her childhood, and why the girl in the picture isn’t even her. She decides to explore the past and its mysteries by creating a handmade replica of the Casablanca neighbourhood where she grew up. There, she begins to interrogate the tales her mother, father and grandmother tell about their home and their country. Slowly, she starts to unravel the layers of deception and oversight that have shaped her life. The truth is hard to face, but in this sometimes-surreal nonfiction film, El Moudir begins to draw what is real to the surface.

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About the Director

Asmae El Moudir (born in 1990 in Salé) is a Moroccan film director, screenwriter and producer. Asmae has directed documentaries for SNRT, Al Jazeera Documentary, BBC and Al Araby TV. She has won important national and international awards and her films have been screened in festivals worldwide and presented in co-production markets. After making several short films, Asmae completed her first feature documentary, The Postcard, in 2020. The Mother of All Lies is her second feature film.