The Story of Sin

Sun 17 Mar

Highly rated by Andrzej Żuławski, Borowczyk’s The Story of Sin is based on a famous novel by Stefan Żeromski, who co-wrote the screenplay. The narrative explores the tensions and hypocrisies lying between social and religious expectations and personal desires. Presented as a sumptuous melodrama, the film follows the fate of a young woman, Ewa (Grażyna Długołęcka) who, after falling for the young, impoverished lodger in her family home, ends up in a spiral of seduction and obsession. Roman Wilhelmi appears as one of the ruthless con men who exploit her. Borowczyk’s customary attention to design, detail and editing draws the viewer into this intense taboo-breaking drama.


The screening will be preceded by an introduction by film curator Roberto Oggiano