Now a classic, Luis Buñuel’s Tristana caused a stir with his exploration of decadence, repression and desire in Toledo, which was based on Benito Pérez Galdós’s novel by the same title and written in 1892. Young orphan Tristana is sent to the house of Don Lope to be under his protection. However, Don Lope falls under her spell and takes up the role of protector/husband. Things start changing when she falls in love with a young artist and the until then submissive Tristana starts finding her own voice.


As part of the Happy Birthday Ms Deneuve film series at Ciné Lumière

Film Club

The screening on Sun 28 January will be introduced by film critic and programmer Roberto Oggiano and followed by a relaxed, collective discussion with the audience, as part of our film club, Finally Sunday. No booking is necessary (it’s free to attend), you just need to buy a ticket to the film.