Vignes, dans le rouge

Tue 12 Sep

Benoit, Regis, Catherine, as well as countless other winemakers in the Languedoc region, find themselves powerless in the face of a worsening climate crisis. Science, the soil, the flora, the fauna and even livestock, have their role to play in a continual dance between man and nature. However, extreme weather events have tested the fortitude of even the most fervent winegrowers and have planted a seed of doubt about their future.

Vignes, dans le rouge reveals an agricultural sector out of synch with the economic, social and environmental realities of our time. Will this ancient industry be able to free itself from the shackles of its traditions to survive the climate crisis?

Prix du Jury 2020 – Les Vignerons indépendants font leur cinéma

Sustainability Award – MOST (Wine International Film Festival), Barcelona