Walls Can Talk

Sat 23 Sep
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In his last film, Carlos Saura takes us on a very personal journey to the origin of art. Saura confronts early cave paintings and the work of contemporary artists as a means to decipher what it is that drives the human desire to transcend through art. In particular, he looks at the development of wall painting from the Paleolithic works of the Lascaux caves in France to the more recent work of graffiti and urban artists. The director is joined in this journey by major figures of the art-world such as acclaimed visual artists Miquel Barceló and Suso33, one of the most influential street artists in Spain.


As part of the London Spanish Film Festival





Special Screening

Followed by an onstage conversation with street artist Suso33 led by Antonio Molina-Vázquez, curator and Director of Spain NOW!

In collaboration with Spain NOW!