Jazz Concert: Two Coasts by Layale Chaker

Thu 18 April

Layale Chaker, violin
Phillip Golub, piano
John Hadfield, percussions
Rihab Azar, oud

Violinist and composer Layale Chaker will be presenting extracts of Two Coasts: Past and Current Streams, a project supported in 2018 by the Diaphonique fund for Contemporary music run by the Institut français. It reimagines works by Baroque French and English composers ranging from Rameau to Dowland as intersecting streams that explore the theme of water.

The suite will be presented as a chamber jazz quartet version, followed by her newest work, Radio Afloat, the vision of a radio lost at sea, that evokes a reflection on the intertwined destinies of people and the natural world. It manifests even louder in times of collective pain, a commentary on the ebb and flow of politics of power and conflict that further the vulnerability of the land and those who tend to it.



Layale Chaker

  • Two Coasts
  • Radio Afloat


As part of Les Salons en Musique, a chamber music series supported by Aline Foriel-Destezet