Lucky Charm by Ensemble Les Ombres and Fiona McGown

Thu 7 March

Fiona McGown, mezzo-soprano
Sylvain Sartre, traverso
Margaux Blanchard, viola da gamba


Mezzo-Soprano Fiona McGown joins baroque Ensemble Les Ombres for a sensitive musical programme inspired by the three Fates, mistresses of destiny. Calling on great composers such as Ravel, Haydn, Britten, Monteverdi, Purcell, and Rameau, they span the ages and return to the popular origins of music to the timbre of the traverso and the viola da gamba.


Claudio Monteverdi, Oblivion suave
Luciano Berio, Rossignolet du bois
Anonymous (Xth Century), Havun (instrumental)

François Couperin, Le Rossignol en amour
Jean-Baptiste de Bousset, Pourquoy doux rossignol (instrumental)
Michel Lamber, Vos mépris chaque jour
Jean-Philippe Rameau, Air de Phani

Joseph Haydn, John Anderson (folks songs)
John Dowland, Come again
Henry Purcell, One charming night
Joseph Haydn, Mary’s dream (folks songs)
Henry Purcell, Strike the viol

Benjamin Britten, The salley garden
Benjamin Britten, How sweet the answer
Maurice Ravel, Chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques
Benjamin Britten, Il est quelqu’un sur terre
Sufjan Stevens, Mystery of love


As part of Les Salons en Musique, a chamber music series supported by Aline Foriel-Destezet