Reading Group on Love Me Tender by Constance Debré

Tue 5 March

This reading group is dedicated to Constance Debré’s novel Love Me Tender, which won the Prix Les Inrockuptibles in 2020. Please note that the author won’t be present in person.

Following her coming out, Constance Debré left everything: her husband, her job and her home. She is now fighting for the custody of her son, whom she is forbidden to meet without juristic supervision. Despite social pressure, with a sharp writing style, she does not hesitate to share the details of her individuality, sexuality and newly acquired freedom. Her radical quest for the loosening of social norms, mother- love and female homosexuality form an empowering call to reflexion and also an explosive autobiographical novel about inner-revolutions.

You can find information on the book in English on the British publisher’s website.