Reading Group on Simple Passion by Annie Ernaux

Tue 6 Feb

This Reading Group is dedicated to 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature Annie Ernaux’s novel Simple Passion (Passion simple). 

At the end of the 1980s, Annie Ernaux was involved in a passionate relationship with a married man, a relationship in which she submitted herself entirely to his desires and his schedule. Obsessed with the act of waiting, she scrupulously records every event, every sensation that passes through her, with a seeming indifference to the outside world.
A clinical record of an all-consuming and annihilating passion, Passion simple is violently real, both intimate and dry, constantly taut with a demand for truth. Annie Ernaux invents the impersonal autobiography, interweaving individual and collective memory.

Please note that the author won’t be present in person.

You can find information on the book in English on the British publisher’s website.