Reading Group on The Inseparables by Simone de Beauvoir

Tue 7 May

This reading group is dedicated to Simone De Beauvoir’s The Inseparables.

Based on Simone de Beauvoir’s real-life childhood friendship with Zaza Lacoin, this coming-of-age novel, unpublished during her lifetime, is a powerful and tender novel about love and friendship between two young women as they set out into the world.

When Andrée joins Sylvie’s class, Sylvie is immediately entranced. Small but confident, Andrée faces the world with the self-assurance of an adult. An intense friendship evolves, as they begin to develop a shared language and way of life. But adulthood encroaches, as well as the stifling social expectations placed upon them by their respective families; and the bubble these two young girls have constructed around themselves threatens to burst.

You can find information on the book in English on the British publisher’s website