Sport in France

Tue 19 March
School Activities

Immerse your pupils in French culture for a full day with linguistic or cultural activity in the morning and a school screening in the afternoon.

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10:30am: Activity

Choose between the 2 following activities:

  • Library Activity (7-9 years old) : During this fun activity your pupils will learn more about the history of the Olympic Games, the important French sporting tournaments and the top athletes.
  • Language Activity (9-10 years old) : Discover and discuss the theme of the film and its characters through exciting activities.


12:00pm: Lunch break


12:45pm: Screening


cert. TBC | by Christian Dugay with Pio Marmai & Melanie Laurent, 2022, 110′, feature, in French with English subtitles

Zoe leads a happy life at her parents’ racehorse stables, driven by the dream of someday becoming a jockey like her father. When a foal that Zoe names Tempest is born, the girl is the first to see in it the champion her parents have been waiting and working for all their lives. The winner she will ride to victory. But Zoe’s dreams are shattered one stormy night, when a panicked Tempest accidentally injures the girl, leaving her permanently “disabled”. Furious at life, Zoe slips into despair and pulls her entire family down with her. But Zoe will seek to conquer the impossible, in pursuit of her dream.


14:40pm: End of the day