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Women Shaping the World – The Podcast

Women Shaping The World

The Woman Shaping the World podcast questions the links between feminism and culture in France and in the UK. How do culture and pop culture influence political and social change? How do artists, authors, filmmakers, and theatre directors integrate feminist issues into their work?

France has a long history of feminism. In the wake of the Second World War, it was at the forefront of what is now called the Second Wave of Feminism, with influential intellectuals and politicians such as Simone de Beauvoir or Simone Weil. Since then, feminism has evolved a lot, especially in the UK and the US, but we are still far from full equity.

Each month, we invite two influential voices to discuss the intricate links between feminist topics and culture, and hopefully pave the way to a better understanding of the issues at stake.

Episode 4 – Feminism and Pop Culture with Jennifer Padjemi & Sareeta Domingo

Jennifer Padjemi Jennifer Padjemi is a French journalist and podcaster. Her most recent book, Féminisme et Pop Culture (2021) discusses the links between feminism and pop culture: how they interact and influence each other and how pop culture can be both a place of progress and mysogyny.

Sareeta Domingo Sareeta Domingo is the author of If I Don’t Have You (Jacaranda Books, 2020), The Nearness of You (Piatkus/Little,Brown, 2016), and creator, editor and contributing writer of romantic fiction anthology Who’s Loving You (Trapeze, 2021). Her books for Young Adults are published under S.A. Domingo, including Love on the Main Stage (Hachette Children’s, 2019). She has contributed to publications such as iNews, gal-dem, Black Ballad, Stylist and Token Magazine.

Hosted by Clémence Rebourg (Institut français)
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