Once in a while it is a pleasure both for autistic people, and for those in their life, to go somewhere where they know that nobody will be flummoxed by, or disapproving of, noises and movements that are completely natural to everyone touched by autism, and a relief to be in a place where those running the event know roughly what to expect and how to cope. Those screenings are for the autistic and non-autistic alike.

Attendees are free to enter and exit the room at any time.

The special performances have subtle changes to the cinema environment which mean that people who have sensory difficulties have a more positive experience than they would in a traditional cinema setting.

Changes include:

  • The lights being kept on at a low level
  • Lower than usual sound levels
  • No trailers or advertisements – just the film
  • Allowance for increased levels of movement and noise
  • Quiet area for people to relax
  • Extra signage in the cinema to make the building easier to navigate
  • Attendees are free to sit in whichever seat they like and can enter and exit the room at any time
  • Our staff is here to inform and guide you if necessary


Our hope is that, as guests with sensory difficulties become more familiar with the cinema environment, at some point they will feel comfortable with attending standard screenings.

We hope through these relaxed screenings to make the cinema going experience accessible for as many people as possible.


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