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  • Objectives: by the end of the course, you will be able to interact in French with increased confidence and fluency on a wide array of topics while broaden your knowledge of the language and enrich your vocabulary.
  • Learning approach: you will practice your speaking skills and be coached to gain more expressiveness in various news and daily life subjects as well as day-to-day communication situations with role-plays, simulations, presentations, debates, games, Q&A and cooperative approaches.
  • Resources: course materials will be provided by the teacher throughout the course: film or TV clips, trailers, adverts, photos, articles, websites, cartoons, objects, anecdotes, news flashes, radio programmes, etc.
  • Tutor: All our tutors are University trained and native speakers
  • Suggestions: our students often round up their learning journey with a standard course or seek recognition in an official exam.

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Click here if you wish to select another type of course

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