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Embark on a personalised French journey at your pace with our new immersive e-learning platform! Explore engaging materials online and elevate your French skills through personalised tutorials with a tutor while enjoying flexible learning on your terms! 

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More about the course

Available for all levels, this course will help you develop new skills and immerse yourself in French language and culture. You will master essential grammar and vocabulary while enhancing all four skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. You will be ready to engage in meaningful conversations on authentic topics with your French friends, colleagues or family.


Learning approach
Blending self-study with a comprehensive range of immersive exercises, complemented by a 45mn weekly session with an expert tutor, our programme ensures optimal progression. Dive into the richness of French language and culture through our hybrid course featuring Video Boosters – A diverse collection of TV and movie clips, providing an effective way to learn authentic French. Tailored for true beginners or those in need of a refresher, Starter Lab offers gradual and effective coverage of language basics, providing a solid foundation with a series of 20 animated videos providing easy videos for a confident start in the language.


Resources (3 options)

  • Immersive Standard 
    12*45-min lessons one-to-one + 12 personalised self-paced lessons* + unlimited access to the platform for 6 months = £815
  • Immersive Premium 
    20*45-min lessons one-to-one + 20 personalised self-paced lessons* + unlimited access to the platform for 6 months = £1235
  • Immersive Premium Plus 
    28*45-min lessons one-to-one + 28 personalised self-paced lessons* + unlimited access to the platform for 1 year = £1687

* Carefully selected by your tutor, these lessons will specifically focus on addressing your gaps and mistakes in vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading skills.


All our tutors are university trained and native French speakers.


While this offer is a standalone course, it can be combined with any other French course.


Book a free level assessment for further advice and to find the right level for you.

Upon registration, you will be awarded a complimentary membership to enjoy films at our cinemas, books at our library, online perks, and more.

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