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Beginner (A1)
60 hours
Elementary (A2)
90 hours
Intermediate (B1)
120 hours
Fluent (B2)
120 hours
Expert (C1)
120 hours
Mastery (C2)
Beginner 1 (30 h)
Beginner 2 (30 h)
Elementary 1 (30 h)
Elementary 2 (30 h)
Elementary 3 (30h)
Intermediate 1 (30h)
Intermediate 2 (30h)
Intermediate 3 (30h)
Intermediate 4 (30h)
Fluent 1 (30 h)
Fluent 2 (30 h)
Fluent 3 (30h)
Fluent 4 (30h)
Expert 1 (30 h)
Expert 2 (30 h)
Expert 3 (30h)
Expert 4 (30h)

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Customise your learning

Why not give a personal touch to your learning? You can add private combo classes on top of your French classes to boost your confidence and meet your personal needs.

Get ready for your French course

Find out which textbook and exercise book you will use in your General French classes.
Fees are exclusive of books.

A1 Beginner 1
A1 Beginner 2
A2 Elementary 1
A2 Elementary 2
A2 Elementary 3
B1 Intermediate 1
B1 Intermediate 2
B1 Intermediate 3
B1 Intermediate 4
B2 Fluent 1
B2 Fluent 2
B2 Fluent 3
B2 Fluent 4
C1 Expert 1
C1 Expert 2
C1 Expert 3
C1 Expert 4
Totem 1 – Livre de l’élève
(Hachette – ISBN 9782011560483)
Cahier d’activités
(ISBN 9782011560537)
Totem 2 – Livre de l’élève
(Hachette – ISBN 9782011560551)
Cahier d’activités
(ISBN 9782011560568)
Totem 3 – Livre de l’élève
(Hachette – ISBN 9782014015522)
Cahier d’activités
(ISBN 9782014015539)
Le nouvel Edito b1 – Livre de l’élève
(ISBN 9782278072699)
Le Cahier d’exercices
(ISBN 9782278072804)

Please check with your tutor on the day of the class

Edito B2 Manuel (Didier ISBN9782278080984)

Edito B2 Cahier d’activités (Didier ISBN : 9782278081127)

No textbook required No textbook required

All these books are available for purchase round the corner from the Institut français at: Librairie La Page or the European Bookshop.

Get your French certified

Your French level will be assessed according to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for language learning. Each unit takes 30 hours to complete.
You can get official accreditation for your French at the end of each stage of your learning.

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