Primary & Secondary Education

The Institut français is dedicated to helping schools and families with their learning and teaching experience. In this section, you can find information about French or bilingual education in the UK, or schools with a particular emphasis on French, as well as teaching resources, activities for children, training, and more.

Are You a Parent?

Proficiency in several languages at a young age not only offers countless academic advantages and personal benefits, but also expands a child’s opportunities for success. In this way, children learn skills they can use for the rest of their lives.
If you’d like your child to be in a French or bilingual school, take a French exam, have reinforced schooling in French, or even attend cultural activities in French or about France, click on the link below.

For Parents

Are you a Teacher?

Recent changes in the curriculum have placed a particular emphasis on languages, challenging teachers and schools nationwide to strengthen that area of study. We can help, with teaching resources, teacher training, and activities at the Institut français in French or about France. You can also find out more about organising a French exam in your school, the French teaching assistant and mobility programmes, as well as partnerships with French schools.

For Teachers