Mobility Programmes

In this section, you can find out more about programmes allowing teachers and school staff to train or teach abroad for short-term (2 weeks) or long-term (1 year) stays.

Foreign Language Assistants

The Foreign Language Assistant’s role is to help the pupils to improve their oral skills, to boost their confidence in the foreign language and to increase their cultural awareness by the creation of extra-curricular activities on contemporary culture. Find out more about how to become a Foreign Language Assistant in a school in France or the UK, or how to host one in your school.

Become a Foreign Language Assistant

Are you looking for a professional experience teaching abroad? Do you want to improve your pedagogical skills? Become a Foreign Language Assistant (FLA)!

Teach French in the UK

Do you want to be a representative of French culture and language while further improving your English and your knowledge about British culture?

The monthly salary is about £848 for 12 hours per week. In London the FLA get an additional premium.

To become a FLA in the United Kingdom, you must:

  • be a national of France or Europe (EU / EEA / Switzerland)
  • live in France (except for Erasmus or distance education)
  • have undertaken your secondary education in a French school
  • be registered in a French university
  • be between 20 and 35 years of age
  • have a good level in English (B1 CEFRL)

French Assistants are recruited by France Education International.

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French FLA training sessions are provided by the French Embassy throughout the year.

More information about the “European Pack of Complementary Training”

Teach English in France

There is no substitute for being surrounded by a language in-country. As an English Language Assistant in France, your French skills will improve immeasurably as you interact with locals and navigate day-to-day situations such as working, shopping or even just watching TV.

Visiting somewhere on holiday or while backpacking is one thing, but living and working in a country for a year is something else. During a placement as an English Language Assistant in France, you can really connect with the country, get out of your comfort zone and experience much more than the tourists.

Find out how to teach English in France

Host a French Assistant


Do you want to make your French classes more fun and dynamic? Host a French Language Assistant! A Language Assistant can work in a maximum of three schools, both primary and secondary, as long as travel arrangements are reasonable. A minimum of 12 hours work per week is required. The cost of employing a Language Assistant depends on your location in the UK.

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Professional Stays

France Education International offers two-week professional stays in a European school, aimed at secondary MFL and non-linguistic subject teachers working in French schools. Such short and flexible stay allow the teacher to observe new educational methods, discover a new educational system and develop linguistic skills.

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The Quality for French as a Foreign Language label

The Quality for French as a Foreign Language label, awarded since 2007 by the French government, ensures quality language training over a hundred certified centres in France.

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Qualite FLE