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Give your pupils the opportunity to discover more of the French language and culture. With the French Box, you will have the resources at hand to work on various subjects, with authentic and popular French books.

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It is now possible to have the Institut français teams interact with your pupils through the safe environment of the screen.Your pupils can enjoy an activity straight from the seats of your classroom, or from home if your pupils are currently homeschooling. 

The format of this activity via the Internet is a fun and new way of running a lesson for your pupils, it is also a great topic starter to your usual lessons. 
Various topics available according to ages to suit the curriculum:

– Activity on the topic starter: Rhyme time 5+ (Y1) – Run by the Bibliothèque Quentin Blake team.   
– Activity on the topics starter: Comic Books 6+ (Y2-3-4-5) – Run by the Bibliothèque Quentin Blake team.     
– Activity on the topics starter: Children’s illustrations, Fairy Tales, Travels 6+ (Y2-3) – Run by the Language Centre team. 
– Activity on the topics starter: Trip to Paris, Landmarks of the French capital 10+ (Y6-7-8) – Run by the Language Centre team.    
– Activity on the topics starter: Rap music, Life in the ‘banlieues’, Cinema, Comedy 13+ (Y9-10-11) – Run by the Language Centre team. 
From 5 to 18 years old | 45mn – 1h00 | Microsoft Teams software | 1 device per pupil | 1 group of 10 pupils max – located at school or at home | £50

For more information and booking, please contact Agathe Morisse, School Activities Manager by email: or call 020 7871 3511

Virtual Escape Game – The Library Ghost

It’s been a long time since the children’s library was last open. Little did we know that a ghost had been living there meanwhile and that he got quite bored lately, being alone all this time… As you just enter through the library’s door, SLAM!, you hear them close just behind you! The ghost stole the librarian’s keys: your only way to get out is to solve his puzzles and decipher his messages… Good luck!

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No need to introduce Charles Perrault’s Puss in Boots? A cunning joker and a thief, the malicious cat is one of the children and grown-ups most beloved (anti)heroes! But who is he really? Exchange Theatre brings you a fantastic retelling of the story where the master trickster cat breaks down all barriers of class and origins and shows a strong sense of kindness and justice through the energy of dance.

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