We Recommend

Streams of Warm Impermanence

Fri 16 Sep - Sat 10 Dec

David Roberts Art Foundation

French artists Renaud Jerez and Jean-Marie Appriou present new and recent works - including two exclusive large-scale sculptures each - as part of DRAF’s major Autumn exhibition.

Visual Arts

Hyundai Commission: Philippe Parreno at the Tate Modern

Tue 4 Oct - Sun 2 Apr

Tate Modern

This year, Tate’s Turbine Hall Hyundai Commission will be undertaken by Philippe Parreno, French renowned artist who works across film, video, sound, sculpture, performance and information technology to create dramatic sensory journeys.

Visual Arts

Beyond the Barbed Wire by Abdellatif Laabi

Mon 10 Oct - Sat 10 Dec

Carcanet Press

This volume gives a career-spanning overview of Morocco’s greatest living poet, who inspired a generation of writers and activists. It includes much of the prison-writings of the 1970s, poems that speak from ‘beyond the borders of what is human'.


Marguerite Humeau: FOX2P

Sat 15 Oct - Sun 8 Jan

Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo presents French artist Marguerite Humeau’s first major solo exhibition in the UK exploring travels through different worlds and times.

Visual Arts

Hatred of Music by Pascal Quignard

Mon 17 Oct - Sat 17 Dec

Yale University Press

The Hatred of Music is Quignard’s masterful exploration of the power of music and what history reveals about the dangers it poses. A provocative book, it takes on particular relevance today, as we find ourselves surrounded by music as never before in history.


The Big Adventure of a Little Line by Serge Bloch

Wed 19 Oct - Mon 19 Dec


One day a small boy found a little line lying on the ground. He picked it up, put it in his pocket and forgot about it. But the little line came to life! Enter the magical, creative world of the renowned artist Serge Bloch, where anything can happen.


Rodin and Dance: The Essence of Movement

Thu 20 Oct - Sun 22 Jan

The Courtauld Gallery

The first major exhibition to explore Rodin’s fascination with dance and bodies in extreme acrobatic poses. It will explore a series of experimental sculptures known as the Dance Movements made in 1911, offering a rare glimpse into Rodin’s unique working practices.

Visual Arts

Artes Mundi 7 – Neïl Beloufa

Fri 21 Oct - Sun 26 Feb

Artes Mundi (Cardiff)

As part of this exhibition, Neil Beloufa will present, for the first time in Wales, the critically acclaimed video and installation piece World Domination, first shown at the Palais de Tokyo in 2012.

Visual Arts

A Woman Loved

Mon 24 Oct - Sat 24 Dec

Maclehose Press

Catherine the Great's name is shrouded in clichés and rumours. Oleg Erdmann, a Russian filmmaker, wants to portray the "real" empress. But through the USSR's censorship or post-Soviet Russian comericalism, each era creates its own distorted image of Catherine.


The Book of Pearl by Timothée de Fombelle

Wed 26 Oct - Mon 26 Dec


A compelling story of a first love that defines a lifetime. Joshua Pearl is from a world that we no longer believe in. His great love is waiting for him in that distant place. Can Joshua remember the past before his love is lost for ever?


Such a Lovely Little War by Marcelino Truong

Wed 2 Nov - Mon 2 Jan

South Ken Kids Festival

Visually powerful and emotionally potent, Such a Lovely Little War is both a large-scale and intimate study of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of the Vietnamese: a turbulent national history interwined with an equally traumatic familial one.


Trysting by Emmanuelle Pagano

Mon 21 Nov - Sat 21 Jan

And Other Stories

In this fiction of yous and mes, of hims and hers, Pagano choreographs the objects, gestures, places, and persons through which love is made real.


Fabienne Verdier’s Rhythms and Reflections

Fri 25 Nov - Sat 4 Feb

Waddington Custot Gallery

Fabienne Verdier’s first solo exhibition in London will feature large-scale abstract paintings produced over the last year. Verdier uses painting tools of her own invention, which allows her mark making to be a product of the body moving freely.

Visual Arts

Dali by Baudoin

Mon 28 Nov - Sat 28 Jan

Self Made Hero

The remarkable life of Salvador Dalí - in graphic novel form. Edmond Baudoin, one of the most original talents in contemporary French comics, offers his depiction of the man behind the artist.


The Great and the Good by Michel Déon

Mon 5 Dec - Sun 5 Feb


Arthur is aboard a boat bound for the United States, where a scholarship awaits him, along with the promise of a glittering future. But the few days spent on the ship will have a defining effect on the young Frenchman when he encounters the love of his life.


Love by Alexander Zeldin

Tue 6 Dec - Tue 10 Jan

National Theatre

In this new play by Alexander Zeldin, written through a devising process, the audience are invited to bear witness to an intimate story of three families placed into cramped temporary accommodation in the run up to Christmas.

Performing Arts

Art by Yasmina Reza

Sat 10 Dec - Sat 18 Feb

The Old Vic

One of the most acclaimed plays of recent times, Art premiered in London twenty years ago and went on to become a phenomenon. Director Matthew Warchus reunites the original creative team to revisit Yasmina Reza’s study of friendship, prejudice and tolerance.

Performing Arts

I, Corinne Dadat by Mohamed El Khatib

Mon 12 - Tue 13 Dec

Birmingham REP

One of the leading voices in French theatre, Mohamed El Khatib returns to The REP to draw the portrait of Corinne Dadat, a woman who is invisible to most. Blending fiction and documentary, it does not ask for pity, but Corinne Dadat is real.

Performing Arts

Les Arts Florissants: Handel – Messiah

Mon 19 Dec

Barbican Centre - Hall

William Christie's period-instrument ensemble Les Arts Florissants brings its virtuoso rendition of Handel's Messiah to London. With vocalists Katherine Watson, Emmanuelle de Negri, Tim Mead, Sam Boden, Konstantin Wolff, and harpsichordist Béatrice Martin.

Classical Music

Here Lies Shakespeare by Les Antliaclastes

Wed 11 - Sun 15 Jan

Jacksons Lane

With this comic tragedy by Patrick Sims’ France-based puppetry company, a cast of taxidermied animals in Elizabethan attire makes a puppet contribution to the perennial Shakespeare debate. This show is part of the London International Mime Festival.

Performing Arts

Barons Perchés by MPTA / Mathurin Bolze

Wed 11 - Sat 14 Jan

Platform Theatre - Central Saint Martins

With his surreal trampoline, Mathurin Bolze makes time stand still and operates his own law of gravity. In this sequel to his previous show Fenêtres, the protagonist has a double: is it his brother, his alter ego, or his shadow ? Part of the Mime Festival.

Performing Arts

Marée Basse by Sacékripa

Tue 17 - Sat 21 Jan

Barbican Centre

Marée basse – the low tide moment of the day, when everything seems to slow down and thoughts might turn to opening a good bottle. In this show as part of the London International Mime Festival, Sacékripa circus company will open many bottles...

Performing Arts

Ashes by Plexus Polaire

Fri 27 - Sun 29 Jan

Jacksons Lane

Actors, life-size puppets and video projection come together in this gripping piece of visual theatre that crackles and burns fiercely. Producted by Franco-Norwegian company Plexus Polaire, this show is part of the London International Mime Festival.

Performing Arts

Thomas Azier

Sun 5 Feb

Notting Hill Arts Club

When Thomas Azier bought a 1920s upright piano, songs started hitting him like waves. His new release 'Talk To Me' bounced from just piano and voice to his laptop, and back. He started working on his sophomore album, which will be out in 2017. ‘Talk To Me’.

Contemporary Music

Salif Keita

Fri 10 Feb


Salif Keita's music blends together the traditional griot music of his Malian childhood with other West African influences, along with influences from Cuba, Spain, and Portugal, and an unmistakably overall Islamic sound.

Contemporary Music

Wax Tailor

Fri 3 Mar


Wax Tailor is one of the leading voices of the instrumental hip-hop and downtempo scenes. With 4 albums under his belt as well as 2 live albums, over 600 shows in 50 countries, he entices fans worldwide with a unique musical blend of Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk.

Contemporary Music